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Most Amazing & best facts about Whatsapp Messenger

Whatsapp, the new age communication channel which helps users to tell others about their current status to share videos, photos has become a requirement in our world.

A phone without whatsapp is considered to be of no use (yes, it’s true) especially in kids. It’s a new trend which everybody is following like crazy. We are all familiar with whatsapp but how much do we know about it. If you’re a whatsapp user then must checkout about Why Facebook bought whatsapp here.

5 facts about Whatsapp

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5 Facts about Whatsapp messenger

here are the best 5 facts about whatsapp:-

  • Whats app was founded by two former employees of Yahoo- Brian Acton and Jan Kaum in 2009. Both of them sat for interviews in facebook and twitter but were rejected (how ironical, as facebook recently bought whatsapp ). Both of them had spent almost 20 years in Yahoo doing geeky stuff. It was founded in the heart of silicon valley. It was already translated in 32 languages.
  • Whatsapp has a staff of about 55 which includes 32 engineers. This means one engineer is responsible for 14 million active users. Yes, this sounds crazy but it’s true. They say that its 70% of users are active on a daily basis and they are adding a whopping 1 million users everyday.
  • The strategy that Brian and Jan followed was of no marketing and easy to use model. The company hasn’t spent a single penny on marketing, PR or user acquisition. It is heard that Jan keeps a note at his desk which reads “ No Ads ! No games ! No Gimmicks ! “. Thus, focusing solely on building a pure messaging service.
  • Looking at the number of users adding to the count of whatsapp daily makes it sounds like a fairytale but what exactly made it popular was its easy to use strategy. You just have to sign up your number and all your contacts using whatsapp are added to your contact list immediately. It’s the 5th most downloaded application on android.
  • Apart from these facts, what are uncommon are some serious security issues. According to MacAfee Whatsapp have security issues. It is one of the most insecure IM services and can be hacked even by a layman using some whatsapp hacking tricks and techniques and anyone’s message history can be decrypted easily.

These were some of the facts about whatsapp which not everyone is familiar with. Despite these, people enjoy whatsapp and its services. Looking for more articles? Keep visiting http://www.ebonyexperiment.com/ for more. 

Why Facebook Bought Whatsapp? Some Reasons

Facebook created quite a buzz by buying Whatsapp at 22 billion dollars. Many people eyed this decision as a very bad move in terms of business, while some others took it as far sightedness of facebook. So let’s understand-

Why facebook bought whatsapp

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Why Facebook bought Whatsapp?

This is a question which everybody is curious to ask Mr. Zuckerberg. Well, here could be some of the reasons-

  • Undoubtedly, Facebook is the most successful social media site with approx 1.2 billion users and many joining every day. However, with the introduction of whatsapp in the social arena, it started eating business of facebook. The amount of users and connection activity which belonged to facebook, now were diverted towards whatsapp.
  • Whatsapp with its speedy texting, photos and video sharing features slowly started becoming new facebook (As, facebook too has all these features). So, in order to avoid creating a new facebook, Zuckerberg bought whatsapp.
  • Another reason what landed facebook buying whatsapp was the fact that whatsapp has very low costs, so it’s eventually profitable. With its staff of about just 55 employees and the growth pattern moving at a rising scale, it’s easier to maintain with higher profits.
  • It also appeared as a very bold move on part of facebook, but as they say, in order to be in the business, it’s important to be in the news and that’s what facebook did. As after buying whatsapp, the news went wild all over the world turning markets.
  • If we look at the model both whatsapp and facebook worked on the same, i.e. easy to use. That’s why both were able to attract users at such a fast rate. Their easy to use strategy helped them to regain users and also to build new ones on a regular basis. That could also be one of the reasons why facebook bought whatsapp.
  •  It is said if you can’t fight with your enemy, then it’s better to shake hands. That’s what facebook did by buying whatsapp. It curbed its competition.

So, the bottom line is that trade analysts and all those people who proclaim themselves to be trade guru’s who dejected this decision of facebook buying whatsapp need to rethink. As, facebook continues to dominate the market. Also this deal which is considered by everyone to be a bold move (and brain-dead on part of Zuckerberg) will definitely be profitable in the long run.

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