A Walk in the Park

Yesterday I had a walk in the park with my furry friend Liona. I was feeling blue for the past few days and i decided to just out and go to the park with my dog. We were walking down one corner when I saw a girl so good looking and very sophisticated. She looks like she is hurrying up (like she’s on a rush for a meeting or she’s chasing someone). I saw how she looked so stunning. She’s wearing this corporate dress, a wood watch that matches her mesmerizing outfit, and a pair of high heels). She also has a big bag which fit almost everything and some papers at hand. She looks so busy and i realized I need not to worry on myself. I was given the time of from work because I was not feeling well. My boss also told me that he will be extending my leave for two more days so i can rest and maybe treat myself. And so after our walk in the park, I decided to go to the nearest ice cream store and got myself two scoops. I also gave Liona an order and we both spent the rest of the afternoon in the park’s table and just observing people. I saw old ones, young ones playing by the fountain, a couple of lovers, and some student. We went home feeling renewed and excited for the next days to come. I think I am ready for work again,

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