My friends will be homecoming two months from now. They are now based in England and I am tasked in our group to arrange a homecoming for them since I was really close to them before they leave. Joshua and Janice were siblings whom I grew up with from grade school to high school. In college, we remained friends but we were not in the same university. We just hang out every weekend if time permits. After graduating, they left for England to pursue different career paths. Now, after eight years, they will be home again because they will be having a family reunion. Anyway, since I am in marketing and in arranging events like this, I own an events management team by the way, I was delighted to do it. I am now things where to get souvenir items for the attendees. I am thinking something to signify precioness—like time. And so i decided to have watches, wooden ones as giveways. I bought the Zegarki best wooden watches ever I found online and I bought 50 pieces of it. It was delivered just this morning and all I can say is that their service is beyond superb. I really give them a nice rating. Anyway, I am now thinking of the food and the venue. Do you have suggestions?

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