Go Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Trying things out is the best way to know more about a thing or a place. If you go to a place, you learn about the people, language, and the culture. Same goes with food. You cannot say it is awful when you have not tried it yet.

In short, I advise people to go out and try things out and see it for themselves. Go out of our comfort zone and do not be afraid of what lies ahead. Just relax and everything will fall into its rights place at the right time.

Going out of the box makes you wiser, stronger, and better than the person you was.

Experiment # 1: Making A Scrapbook

When I was in high school, I love doing projects that enhances creativity. So when we were assigned to have scrap book for our latest project, I volunteered to do the job as my group mates were all boys.

Good thing today, many are now introduced to different ways of starting a scrap book. I found this video and followed each steps. Take a look!