Experiment # 1: Making A Scrapbook

When I was in high school, I love doing projects that enhances creativity. So when we were assigned to have scrap book for our latest project, I volunteered to do the job as my group mates were all boys.

Good thing today, many are now introduced to different ways of starting a scrap book. I found this video and followed each steps. Take a look!

Things to do when bored

Lots of us wants adventure. But when the time comes you get bored, what will you do to kill time? Here’s our suggestions:

Read a book

Nothing beats gaining new knowledge!

Go to a coffee shop

Think of something productive like building a small business website

Mingle with your friends in the coffee shop around the corner.

Book a ticket and travel

Surprise! You might want to abruptly book a ticket somewhere!

What are you waiting for? Get that adventure now!

For my part, I love doing these things. I learned how to be creative and productive on my own and there’s no need for people’s approval. Just like what a man of inspiration and known realtor¬†Dave Jenkins¬†said before, you need to know your passion before pleasing other people.

I just love making things when bored and I learn from it. For me, that’s the most important part.