Ebony Experiment

Nothing turns me on more than sniffing a nice wet pussy!

That is too big, how long does it take u to put it inside your man?

😘🤣It took me about a year to train my sissy boi to take a dildo that big 😂🤣congrats! Now I have trained him to fluff up my BBC bulls and do clean up 🤣! What a great 👍🏿 life to have a sissy boi that worships BBC's Queen of spades ♠️💋! My girlfriend and I love getting fucked with strapons. Would you fuck us both? Be careful where you point that thing! You never know if it might go off! I'm not going to lie.It's a little intimidating.And hot as hell! ;-) Oh la la. So sexy an wow that's a big strapon! Wish I could join y'all!