Ebony Experiment

Nothing turns me on more than sniffing a nice wet pussy!

Madam are you trying to put me off my stroke or on it dependent on the actions involved !

Mmmmm I want to chalk up your ass for a long spanking with my cue. Mmmmmmmm and then bend you over the table before licking you from clit to asshole and fucking you until I squirt my hot cum all over your lips ; ) Nine ball, 🎱 call your shot bank the 🎱 and sink it for the win. Rack'em up and when the 🎱 take everything else off and get on your knees. Minnesota Fats $100 a rack 24/7. Let me get my cue and join you. How about we play snooker instead though, then we get to pot the pink & the brown for more fun ;-) I'd love to play with you, as I have some Norty pics of me playing pool too, Your stunning Hun xx. My cue balls and hard stick would like to drive deep into both of your tight corner pockets!