Ebony Experiment

Nothing turns me on more than sniffing a nice wet pussy!

I want to be there too! I would give and receive sooooo big amounts of pleasure there and would leave myself in hands of others to use. :) soo hot!

Truly amazing. The redhead looks like Christina Hendricks, absolutely gorgeous! This boggles my mind; how did you get so many lovely ladies who are also fun and willing? Most of us struggle to even get a date! Also good job to the cameraman: great steadiness, and good amount of attention given to each scene!ALL of the women are gorgeous and sexy. I enjoy this video as it's a record of something I'll likely never experience. I live vicariously thru your footage. Looked like a heck of a lot of fun!All these women are beautiful but right after the roller coaster remarks, when Kellie is get fucked and her big beautiful boobs shake as she looks into the camera is so FUCKING hot!Great vids you guys do! Those boobs hanging at the end of this one while she is being fucked from behind is as hot as it gets! Thanks for sharing and look forward to more!It's a great series of vids, Mrs P and I have often thought of taking part in a group. You are very lucky to have a nice trusted group of friends to play with.